High School Fundraising Ideas: silent Auctions ideas Are Fantastic

If you are looking for bank repo trailers, the best place to find them is a trailer auctions. Dealers buy trailers at auctions and regularly save 50 to 80% off of the resale price.

Online auctions: Some online RV auctions silent auction donation ideas are reputable, but most aren’t that great. Some things to look for are how long that site has been in business and whether or not they have a substantial amount of traffic. If you can’t see the trailer in person you can never be 100 percent sure that the auctioned trailer exists.

To avoid getting scammed at online auctions never send a money order or a wire transfer. Don’t make a deposit or send in any money until you have seen the trailer or fell like the company is reputable. The main problem with online auctions is that you can not local inspect the trailer and that trailers that are not local are normally too expensive to ship.

Local Auctions. Large local auctions are usually advertised in newspapers and RV magazines. Smaller trailer auctions are not advertised as well. The best way to find them is to talk to people who frequent these sites. It is not a bad idea to make friends with local RV dealers and find out when and where these auctions occur.

There are two types of bidding at local trailer auctions. Silent bidding and live actions. Live auctions are the best places to get rock bottom as well as overpriced trailers. Be careful not to overbid. Silent trailer auctions are more of a middle ground. Everyone submits a silent bid and they highest bidder is the winner. Both of these take practice and experience to become expert in. The less competitive the bidding, the better price you will get. Try and go to a few auctions so you can get the hang of it.

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